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Titan PvP is a Faction's PVP server with over 50 plugins to make your stay as custom as possible.

Want to craft a spawner? Surround a mob egg with diamond blocks!
Want to get a mob egg? Throw an egg at a mob with redstone in your inventory!
Want to run your furnace without coal? Put a daylight sensor on it to power it through solar energy!
Want to sell your items more efficiently? Start an auction!
Want to create a trophy room with the severed heads of your enemies? That's weird, but you can do it!
Want to trade or give EXP with players? Type /sendlevels!
Want to hang out with other players on the website or give us a suggestion? Our forums are!

We are BRAND NEW! We just opened on the 4th of September so everyone is on an equal playing field. We are growing fast though, so join soon.

I've always seen that servers never really had a "Goal". All you could do is kill other players and build, so what I've done is created the [King] rank. There is 1 King at a time, and they get an emerald block in their base called the Kingstone. Whoever takes this Kingstone becomes the new King, Kings get a custom prefix, a custom colored name, and a custom kit! Along with some commands that others do not get! join today!

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