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The Craft Table is a new server with 250 slots ready to be filled. There are factions waiting to be made, and fights to be won in our PvP server, where griefing and raiding are allowed.
We do not allow exploits, glitches, hacks, or dupes, as the server admins will take action. We are willing to listen to advice and accept help with new plugins. A list of plug-ins is provided and as the player base size increases we will be adding Mcmmo. The PlotMe plug-in is a new feature where players are provided a single plot to store items in a safe and untouchable area (for those who enjoy the pvp but not the griefing). If and when you do join the server katweena and beck19 look forward to assisting you with all your questions and concerns.
The server also provides a TeamSpeak channel that allows for a fun community based enviornment. Join us on TeamSpeak @
WorldBorder, Saveit, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, Vault, Modifyworld, PermissionsEx, PlotMe, WorldGuard, Essentials, SimpleRegionMarket,EssentialsSpawn,ChestShop,EssentialsChat, Multiverse-Core, Factions, ShowCaseStandalone, Multiverse-Portals, SignShop, FactionChat

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