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Banditcraft is a Minecraft server, which is based on PVP. The server was created, December the 29th 2013. The whole idea with the server is to give you as a user, an awesome and epic battle experience. The server allows you to; Raid, PVP, Grief and do whatever else you like. If you like to build and gather materials, that's alright to, but you have to protect your base, from all the raiders on the server!
So basically we offer what a lot of other servers don't! We are tired of server, where people whine if you steal, and you get banned for raiding or killing people, and that's why we created Banditcraft, which isn't for pussies!
We have a great community, and the server spawn offers portals to a shop, that includes nice items, and cheap prices, The second portal at spawn, teleports you to a war hub, where you can select one of our custom made arenas, and fight with your team, until you win, and get a reward.
We also have a nice staff-team, with people that are online daily, ready to help you if you have any problems.
The server, almost allow you to do whatever you would like to, Raid, Grief, Survive, Fight or just make some good friends. We only have a few rules that you need to follow, such as legit-gameplay.
But what is faction's you may ask!?
Now, Banditcraft is a plugin based server, which runs on bukkit. We offer a lot of great plugins, to increase the gameplay, such as faction's that allows you do make groups, enemy's ally's, and claim land for your faction, and it also gives your faction a power system, that you need to keep high, otherwise you can lose your land.
We also offers the plugin, Adminshop, which adds a money system to the server, you get money from selling items in the shop, and you can use the money, to buy new items in the shop.
But all in all, Banditcraft is a PVP server, with a lot of great plugins, and a lot of possibilities.

Build Smoothly, Battle Smoothly - BanditCraft Staff

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