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The Legends of The First Era were true...
The Return of the Herobrine...
The Beginning of The Annihilation of

Attack On Monster is a Hardcore PvP, Chaos Server with a setting heavily inspired by the popular anime Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan). The player on Attack On Monster places him/herself into a dystopian world where humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction. The remainder of the humans hide behind the enormous walls of Fort Maria (server spawn) and cower to the Monster's new powers, granted to them by the Herobrine. The Lord Of Fort Maria had ordered that all refugees must try to reclaim the land once owned by humans and fight against the Monsters.

Attack On Monster introduces the Next Generation of Hardcore Servers. Players must try to find a way to make settlements in the wild again. They have to fight against monsters, the Herobrine (if unlucky) or even each other.

Attack On Monster is not only just a Hardcore Server, it also has an Adventure component and Easter Eggs for players to stumble along while travelling through the wilderness.

Humanity Does Not Want To Be Trapped Within The Walls Like Birds Within A Cage...
Humans Are Meant To Be Free
Join Attack On Monster To Fight Against The Apocalypse!

IP (must put port in Minecraft too):
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