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We are the designer's mind gaming community. This is our 5th server that we have run and we are back stronger than ever! The staff on Designer's mind are experienced server staff. Some with background on popular servers such as The Voxel Box. They are always happy to help with any problems you have on our server. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you have the best experience on the server! If you are banned (ban appeal), need command help, want help with rules, or anything else that may come up.

Whether its creative, survival or raiding/PVP, we fit everyone's tastes nicely! These are the worlds we have.

A Creative World
A Factions PVP World
More worlds to come

it is highly recommended that you sign up for our website and check it daily for updates. Sign up here for our website: We recommend you look at the server handbook. You can find the handbook on our forums at!

We can't stress enough how important donations are to the server. The server is costly to run, and we are currently running it out of our own pocket! You can buy stuff on the server like different ranks and.... wait for it.... a stack of diamond blocks. Visit the shop on our website :

Hopefully this has not been two boring, so lets get to the meat and details of what you do in the server. So when join you will spawn in an beautiful tree house made by our staff from The Voxel Box. All of the server rules are displayed there. After you read the rules and other information you can leave spawn by going to the baloon area. On the faction world we have Factions, a plugin to make clans with other players. Make enemies and allies, but try not to get raided or betrayed by your own faction members survive and eventually attack another faction. Always remember no matter what hacks are not allowed.

In the Creative world, you can claim a plot for your building and start polishing those creative skills! Don't worry any plots that you get cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you add them to your claim. You can do so by typing
/plotme add {name} while standing on your plot.

If you would like to apply for staff you can do so on our website: Make sure that you fill everything in correctly. If that is not working you can also send a formal email to:

Thats all! If you have any questions, you can ask our head plugin developer ajcool1050 for help related to commands, etc. He is an expert and has worked on almost 10 BIG time servers which we will not list for copyright and hate prevention reasons. So.... See you on the server and have fun while you're there!

The Designer's Mind Team

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