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==== Fantasticraft ====


Are you looking for a small, community-oriented SMP server with a few bukkit plugins that enhance your experience? You've come to the right place then! Fantasticraft has been around for a while now, started last October by a group of college friends who enjoy playing Minecraft together. Sporting a new map, and some new bukkit plugins, we've decided that it is time to open up our world to other players.

There is no whitelist, however default users cannot build near spawn, for understandable reasons. You may build in other locations further away, of course, and once you have been playing for a while and have some sort of standing in the server, you may apply for construction rights within "The District", if you so choose.

There is only one rule, though it has a number of sub-rules. That rule is to be respectful. No flaming, no excessive swearing, no hacking, no asking for OP, and don't complain about grief, thieving, or PvP (unless, of course, your complaint is fully legitimate).

For a plugin list / tutorials and a map of The District, see the Fantasticraft website at

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