This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[TBN] Pvp, Guns, Drugs, and Police!


[TBN] Drugs Guns and Pvp! Join Now! :D

Get the ResourcePack here!


Climb ranks to unlock more commands and become the Godfather!
Ranks costs in game money to reach to next rank. rankup once you have enough cash.

Citizen - starting rank with basic commands, sethome and home
Dealer - $2500 – can now join factions, tpa command

Chemist - $10000 – can create factions and start auctions

Associate - $20000 – can now tpahere

Trafficker - $50000 – can now back on death

Made Man - $100000 – can set two homes

Drug Lord - $200000 – can create a bounty on a player

Gang Leader - $800000 – can warp drugs and use the AK47
Kingpin - $1400000 – can set 3 homes

Capone - $3000000 – can set 5 homes

God Father - $15000000 – can set 8 homes, kit godfather once a week.


Factions can only be created by FBI rank and Gangleader rank and above. Only Associate, Detective and above can join Factions.

Some basic commands include:

f – list of commands

f join – join a faction you have been invited to


Drugs are sold Lee’s Crack Shop in the park just outside of spawn, Drugs can be used by crouching while right clicking the Drug selected in your hand! …have fun.


Guns can be bought from Demitri’s Gun Shop, go to spawn and look to your left there should be a warp called Gun–Shop. The M9 pistol is Free to everyone. Guns need ammo to work, by trying to fire your gun you will find out what type of ammo you need. Some guns are for Donors only such as the Raygun, — and —. or

Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

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