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pin_drop (private server)

Hello! Welcome to SquirrelWorld!

Discord Guild:

Here's what we're all about:
We are a Vanilla survival server, trying to keep to the vanilla game-play we've all come to know and love. This means we try to limit what we add command and feature wise to things that make sense game play wise, or are convenient for server moderation.

We are a community server. 90% of what we do is decided by server-wide polls. Meaning you have a say in any changes we might may to make to the server.

We are a friendly, and mostly mature community. With a player age range of 14-68.

We have an active moderator team with a quick emergency response time, cool heads (Both physically and mentally of course), and logical thought processes.

We are quick to return griefed or glitched items and blocks.

We have a discord guild. which has a custom written bot for Minecraft chat integration, a toggle-able ping alert system for announcements and polls, and an account link between the server and your discord.

And that's just a list I came up with in 10 minutes! There's much more to explore and many friends to make! We'll see you around!

The owner has been super nice and has kept us well informed on upcoming server updates. He has even taken the time to come check our village out and give us tips and pointers. I am a father of 2 kids who play online with me and it is loads of fun in survival mode. Thank you owner for letting us play.
SamBam_Mack, KaileyMack, and KaidenMack.
Posted 26th Oct 2018