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Gods spawn 1
Gods spawn 2
Gods spawn 3
Devils spawn 1
Devils spawn 2

Welcome to War Of The Gods!

Our server is a suvival/RPG roll playing server basically all the ranks are
setup to where its a war between God and the Devil.

When you first join the server your rank will be New then you can choose to be
Angel or Demon once you choose you can NOT change so please don't ask.

New - Starter rank
Angel - The god's side
Demon - The devil's side
Demigod - Trusted rank renamed (earned by gaining the trust of staff)
Iron - Iron donator rank
Gold - Gold donator rank
Diamond - Diamond donator rank
Hermes - Moderator rank (the messanger)
Bealzibub - Admin (devils right hand man)
Devil - Co-Owner (the devil)
God - Owner (God)

They are the ranks for the server so you don't get mixed up because this is a
RPG server.

The owner's of the server are "itzzfoxyboy" and "xler555" and "Konohana562049"

All though the server is a war between the gods it has to have rules so here they

Do not ask for items
Do not ask for staff/op
Greifind is allowed on unprotected land so make sure you protect
Keep curing to a minimum
Keep caps to a minimum
Do not disrespect staff or players
No racism or religious comments
No spamming or advertisment of any kind

I think that is all if you have any questions ask a staff member and we hope
to see you on the server thanks :)

Server IP:

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