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NEW: Added a PlotWorld where everybody can have creative mode in their plot. You can build, and cannot be griefed. Default gets 1 plot, iron donator gets 3, gold gets 5.

ChaosServers is a new server that was made for casual players that like to play Minecraft!
There is tons of stuff to do, and tons of small things added that you will not see on your average survival server.
From PvP, to building an awesome base, to raiding someone elses, the possibilities are endless.
We don't have too many rules, just basic ones, such as keep the chat clean, etc etc.
Please, don't ask for OP.

So what makes the server different from others?

Well, I think the server is different because there are a variety of things you can do, such as level up your skills, kill people, raid, make a base, and much more. We've also added some other things on the HUD such as a health bar for everything, and a sign on your screen that shows armor durability.

What is leveling up your skills?

Probably the most fun thing to do. Each time you kill something, or cut down a tree, or pick some flowers, you gain XP. When you have enough XP to level up, you will. Once you hit the max level (99), you get a reward of $1000. Eventually you will be able to buy abilities with in-game money, that allow you to do cool things, such as attack twice.
No, this is not mcMMO. This is something much cooler.

All users start with treeassist, and 15 minutes of invulnerability.
Donator packages are available on forums for cheap, and it gives you a boost of perks & items while helping us out at the same time.

Enjoy the server!

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