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TheIslandProductions Bukkit Server [Up to Date]


Server Name: TheIslandProductions
Server Locale: Canada East Coast
SubReddit: /r/TheIslandProductions
Wiki: Dont have one
Server Address/IP:
Game Play Type/s: [PvP][SMP][Semi-Vanilla]
Additional Worlds: 3 worlds total (old worlds and new)
Description:This server has been up around 2 years now. The server was built to play minecraft and have fun doing it so we here at theislandproductions added the funnest plugins we could find! Check out the website for all the crafting recipes
Rules: Only rules are No grief/hacking/flying/modding or spamming
Plugins: EasyFreeze, GroupManager, Kivi, WorldEdit,NoCheatPlus, Super-Jetpack, Pokeballs, Horse Bodyguard, Smileychat, Multiverse-Core, Playerheads, AutoJuke, LightningOnJoin, WorldGuard, dynmap, horsedata, DiguiseCraft, CoreProtect, iRide, ChestShop, ScheduledAnnouncer2, RandomLocation, SkullTurret, AutoSaveWorld, MobArena, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat

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