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Welcome to McGameCentral! Home of Economy, Easy Survival, and lots more fun. You can join our website at for some more information!


McGameCentral is a server that has many fun plugins like Flappy Bird, LaserTag and more to come! We have been building and testing and developing this server for more than 7 months, hardwork and dedication are key. This insures that you will have the best possible experience we can provide on our minecraft server!

Economy Survival-

The object of this server is to build yourself up, or get torn down in the unprotected wild! Our staff on McGameCentral are very nice and will help you with what ever you need. Make sure to ask them if you have any questions! Do /help for more info. You can make towns, shops, build, and more!


24/7, Towns, Economy, Ranks, Developers, Friendly Staff, Forums and more!
Join us now at !!

Our channels:
Our channels on our server are Global, Local, Trade, Auction, and Donator (If you donated!). Do /ch list for user channels!

Useful information:
When you join the server, you are going to want to do /help, /rules, /kit starter. This will give you lots of information about our server!

Once you join our server:
Once you join you will see portals. They are labeled to help you out! Walk through a portal to be taken to that place!

Where to build:
If you want to start building, you can walk down the long bridge past spawn to the wild!

How to join chats and message people:
To join a chat do /ch (channel name). To get a list of channels do /ch list. To message a person on the server, do /msg (player name) (message). To respond to them, do /r (message).

Where to donate:
You can donate at

Any other help:
Message one of our staff on the server to receive more help! You can also do /help for addition help!


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