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The beginning of a new RPG experience

Enter Cirius Gaming's Minecraft server, a unique RPG server with staff that focus on maintaining the player experience such as our player driven dynamic economy, our Towny based guilds, and thrilling and quests and abilities.


The Player driven economy revolves around the use of Chest Shops, and Trading goods and services between players, towns, and nations. With a grand shop biome at spawn, players can buy a small shop to sell niche good or a large shop to sell in bulk!

Towns and Nations

For those who want to settle down in tight-knit communities owned by players, you can join a town and be protected from the dangers of the wilderness! Those with great leadership and a sense of community can also start a town and live in peace with your neighbours. Allies with another town, or group of towns? Become something bigger and start a nation! Beware, maintaining a nation is expensive, and may fall apart if you can't keep your towns happy!


Soon to be implemented are quests, to add to the RPG atmosphere. Quests are served from the shop biome at spawn. Venture forth and defend from beasts and mobs alike, or retrieve goods from dangerous landscapes!


Our main focus is to make sure everyone has fun! This isn't possible without guidelines of course. The following rules must abided by in order to maintain, well, order.

  • No griefing is allowed, except looting chests from unclaimed areas.

  • While Swearing is not completely forbidden, we ask to keep it somewhat clean, as younger players do join the server.

  • Cheating, Hacking or abusing exploits of any kind is completely prohibited. Players will be punished according to Cirius Gaming Protocol.

  • Advertising for the server, as well as to the server is not allowed.

  • Do not interrupt chat by way of caps, spam, or other abuse.

  • If you logout while in combat, you will be auto-killed. Teleporting while in combat is also disabled.

  • Camping the docks outside of spawn, or towns is not allowed, unless you are in another town that is warring against that nation.

  • Always treat staff with the utmost respect. We are here to help you, and make sure everyone is happy.

  • Do not whine about lost items, they cannot be returned to you, in order to maintain a stable economy.

  • Do not ask staff to spawn items, or to give you OP or permissions.

  • All abuse reports, complaints and general questions must be alerted via /helpop .

  • Do not encourage others to break the rules. You will be held responsible.


The Owner of the server, and community leader is Reznu.

The System Administrator is JadennH.

The Server Host is SuigintouLain.

The Master Builder is Sir_Jaymie.

The Server Warden and Chief of security is Dracobro26.

If you have any questions, please join our Teamspeak server at

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