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Game_Over (Sky Factory 4 Prestige)


Welcome to the Game_Over​

Discord Link (Aged 13+) ~
WebSite ~

Key Features:
Time-based (conditional) auto rank up feature
Each rank has increased perks from the last
All 1.12.2 servers are linked in a shared network (Ranks | Money | Time-Payed)
Pre-Generated OverWorld (25k)
Option to skip free ranks in the donation store (But never required)
Earn in-game currency by Voting | verifying your MC / Discord accounts with a custom discord Bot | Shops

Servers: 1.12.2

Modpack: Sky Factory 4 (Prestige Disabled) Version: 4.2.2 Created: 28/6/2020 IP:

Modpack: Sky Factory 4 (Prestige Enabled) Version: 4.2.2 Created: 12/7/2020 IP:

Modpack: RLCraft Version: 2.8.2 Created: 12/7/2020 IP:

Modpack: Heavens of Sorcery Version: 0.9.5 Created: 18/8/2020 IP:

Servers: 1.15.2

Modpack: Valhelsia 2 (Coming soon)


Use Common sense
Sexist, racist or derogatory language, will get you permanently banned
Bullying of other players will also get you banned
No griefing or harassing other players
Please keep bad language to an absolute minimum
Please make sure your discord name is the same as your in-game one
No hacking, duping, bypassing, bending of rules or exploiting (If you find an exploit, please let a member of the staff know)
Please don't argue with staff members. If you do not agree, please contact MacWhinny
Please don't ask for staff
No AFK, anti log out contraptions

We are looking for staff for the following positions:

Moderator: You'll help us moderate the chat in discord, how active you are will determine future promotions!

Developer: We need people to help us fix bugs! To help hotfix mod-pack bugs as we find them!

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