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RealmKeepers Arcadia

RealmKeepers Arcadia


Welcome to the Exciting world of Arcadia! Here in Arcadia youll go back in time to where Magic and Clans rule the land! Youll tinker with Light and Dark Magics, Create a Powerful Clan or Join an existing one, Make In-game Money by joining Jobs, go on adventures, have fun and make friends!

More Quests coming soon!
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Server Features:

  • Clans
  • Magic
  • No Land Protection Use Turrets Instead
  • TPA using in-game currency
  • /sethome
  • Jobs
  • Pay to Fly using in-game currency
  • Chest Shop
  • Bounty place bounties on other players
  • Ranks

NOTE!!! The server is not 100 Complete! Some things might change!

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