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Welcome to ChaosRealms, we have several types of gameplay that everyone can enjoy! Come join us today at!!!!!

SkyBlock - Start off on a small island with a limited amount of resources and work your way to make a massive sky castle and rule the sky! There is also a shop that contains the more difficult and unobtainable blocks. SkyBlock also comes with over 30 challenges for you to complete! Each time one is completed you will receive a very special gift. You have the option of either locking your island making it so others can not raid your island. Or you can keep it open and join in on the sky wars! You can also invite your friends to join your island and work on it together.

Factions - A PvP server that comes with McMMO and Economy. You can either join a faction or start your own to become the supreme ruler. The map is endless, giving you plenty of room to explore and find the perfect location to build your base. Factions has CombatLog punishing those that enjoy PvP logging like on most servers. Take a look at the shop and find all the great tools to assist you in raiding other peoples bases.

Prison - You were framed for brutally murdering someone. The judge found you guilty and gave you life with no chance of parole. Why should you stay locked up for a crime you did not commit? You can either stay in jail for the rest of your life or you can try and become free again. There are multiple mines for each rank that auto reset themselves and the crops replant themselves as well. You can also make a prison gang and sell drugs to become the #1 drug king.

Creative - This server gives you your own 50 x 50 area where you can build in peace and not worry about others destroying your awesome creations.

MiniGames - Minigames are short and very fun to play. Stop on in and play some with other members!

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