This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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GottaKitch'em All Pixelmon


Welcome to The GottaKitch’emAll Pixlemon Serve, Were a group of dedicated Mincrafters join together to create the most immersive, fun, and interactive Pokémon experience in Minecraft history. Our goal here is to create our own lore and Pokémon history with a world designed and tested for YOUR entertainment. We have discovered a new in Minecraft that is inhabited by Pokémon, a mysterious species with powers beyond comprehension and understanding. With the bond of friendship we have created a world were pokemon and mincrafters can live in peace and hameny…With gym battles and a working economy we hope that YOU and your friends can creat a strong bond with your poekmon and become the Pokemon Masters. With peace there are always people who try and destroy what people have created so hard to make. Team Rocket, Team Plasma, and the Cult of Zephr, has followed us here and we need your help to create a peaceful Pixelmon experience by joining the Officers Police Force .Its YOUR choice. FIGHT or DEFEND! Join a Team or Become an Officer of the Law.

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