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On behalf of the team here at TornadoMC, we'd like to give you a warm welcome to our newly created server. We are in the beta stages as of right now, so you can expect a few bugs here and there on the server. We have done many edits and tweaks over the course of a few days! If you don't want to read about it, but just experience it right away, join the server using our new IP!

What's New?
As some of you might know, the entire plugin has been rewritten from scratch. The new plugin is more stable and the structure of the code has been improved a lot. Because of this there are tons of small changes not really worth discussing. Essentially, this means you'll get a much more smooth and fun experience.

Lobby System
Introducing the new lobby system. There is now a main lobby that you'll spawn in upon joining the server. This is for NEW USERS only, if you have put down a set home, that is where you will spawn upon entry!

Donation Shop
Located on the menu, we have a donation shop tab! Here you can donate to help keep the server running! Upon going to the page, you will see there is different amounts you can donate along with the ranks you get in-game for donating!

As many of you may know, we are a faction based server. What is Factions? Factions is one of the greatest and most popular Bukkit plugin! Our Faction System has been updated in game so you can enjoy a smoother and lag free experience! *Full guide here:

Much, much more!
There are so many changes that I can't list all the minor ones. Some minor tweaks to gameplay, systems and items. Tons of stuff some of the more dedicated users might notice.

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