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Kingdom of Reynes

Kingdom of Reynes


Want to play Minecraft version 1.8 without the fuss? Like survival but can't be bothered with confusing 'hubs' and a ridiculous number of game types and worlds?

Reynes awaits you...

The Kingdom of Reynes offers a simple survival-based world where you can explore, play and protect your builds from grief. Everyone is treated the same and everyone has access to the same ranks through time spent playing. We do not sell ranks or sell special privledges. You cannot buy administration ranks either as they are only given to those players who have played on the server for some time or who are trusted by the owner.

Plugins have been kept to a minimum to maximize the fun but you'll have access to:

• Pets - All players have a free pet wolf when they join to accompany them on their journey in to the wilderness. With each rank up (which happens as automatically as you play) you will receive access to more pets.

• mcMMO - Great for building up your skills! Mine or dig faster and get better drops.

• OnTime - Get paid to play! All players earn in-game money just for playing. The longer you play the more you earn as your earnings increase with your rank.

• Simple ranks - No confusing ranks or special ranks for 'donators'. Everyone has access to the all ranks accept the admin rank (known as Monarch in-game). You are ranked up automatically based on the length of time you play.

• Shops - We use the Better Shops plugin and there is a simple server shop where you can buy/sell essentials to help expand your empire or you can create your own shop for players to visit.

• Grief Prevention - You get a chest and a gold spade when you first join. When you place your first chest it claims the land around it. You can earn more claim blocks through playing or buy more with your hard-earned money.

• Vote - What server doesn't have voting these days? Need XP? Too lazy to mine? Vote each day and you can get either free XP or some much-needed diamonds to help you on your endeavours.

Stop in and visit. The Kingdom is always a work in-progress but there is nothing to stop you from setting off and exploring and claiming your stake.
It is a simple Kingdom without all the frills which allows fun and enjoyment for all those who enjoy Minecraft 1.8. If you're looking for hubs, lots of mini-games, loads of different worlds then the Kingdom of Reynes is not for you.

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