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Fifth Dimension



Fifth Dimension is a hybrid server featuring different game types. We have Creative, PvP, Survival, PvP Parkour, and a new game type Gladiator coming out in August. There will be more soon once more players join.

There is no whitelist, you can play as soon as you join.

My friend and I made this server as a private server to play on with friends, but we think it's time to make it public. The server is now 24/7 for summer! We have drop parties every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 8 PM

The rules and punishments are available in more detail on the server, but these are the basic rules: 1. No spamming or asking for ranks. You can get temp-banned or muted for these. 2. Griefing IS allowed on the survival world only! Otherwise it's either a perm-ban, or temp-ban. 3. No abusing glitches, dupes, or other exploits. Please report them ASAP. Those are the basic rules of Fifth Dimension.

Remember, the IP is:

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