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Greatbuild: Immersive Survival

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Title image

Welcome to Greatbuild: Immersive Survival

This is the #1 most immersive and realistic Minecraft server in the world!
Experience true immersion in a never-before-seen way of playing!

On this server, there are no player lists. There are no name tags. And more importantly, there are no rules.
It is up to you and the rest of the players to form peace with one another, or wage war. The choice is yours.

For even more realism, the server has local chat so you are not connected to the rest of the server's players.
Note: Because this server is in testing stages, a global chat channel is available.

Explore the vast Minecraft world as it is meant to be explored.
Do whatever you want. Play however you want.

Note: This server is in testing stages. Simply by playing on the server, you are eligible to 1 month of premium rank on the server, once it is out of the testing phase.

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