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Our Goal
Our goal when making Acid Craft PVP was to make a nice community and staff where any age can join and have a good time but also to really cut off all the crud and make a real faction and pvp server where the focus isn't mining for ten hours to get some diamond armor for you and your team but to start with the basic diamond armor with enchants so that you can right away immerse your self in the raiding, griefing, and PVPing.

1) No use of any sort of mod or 3rd party program that would give you an advantage over other players.

2) Be respectful and kind to all staff and your fellow players.

3) Keep cursing to a minimum please. We have younger players who I would rather not poison there brains yet.

4) No use of tobacco or tobacco products on spawn island or in any faction base.

5) No spamming in any way. That includes /tpa spamming.

6) Griefing, raiding, and combat is allowed. If any of these happen to you, please don't complain. I understand your frustration but it is immature to scream and want a refund.

7) Don't complain about getting griefed or raided.

8) Use common sense in everything.

9) You can only wear pink pants on 3rd of the 13th month in 103 AD.

10) Don't ask for items, OP, or any sort of rank. Those things are all earned.


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