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Frost MC

Frost MC


Frost-MC Network - PvP Factions Minigames Server
Here are some quick facts about us!
High End CPU and RAM which = No Lag!
100 Slots!
Over 38 plugins!
PvP Challenges and events weekly!


Other Info:
Welcome to Frost-MC Network, a Cracked Minecraft PVP/Factions/Raid/minigames server.

Here at Frost-MC Network, the possibilities are endless. You can start a faction with the new friends you make, build your kingdom and conquer the other factions. You can build your own set of armour, crushing your foes and rising to the top of the server. You can raid and destroy your rivals, while making many allies along the way.

There is an extensive list of things to do on Frost-MC Network, from Paintballing with your pals, to crushing your rival factions. With such a long list of things to do, we ensure that you will never become bored!

Use the many plugins we have to become the best, and you won't even worry about those pesky hackers. If you have a problem, our large amount of experienced staff members will be there to help!

Some of the plugins we have are listed below:

PAINTBALL - Our newest plugin featuring 2 maps: The Ice Map and the Wool Map. Once you’re in our new paintball lobby spent some time checking out your opponents and playing our lobby parkour. Then your team will be warped into one of our arenas and you will have a few minutes to eliminate the other team! So good luck, have fun...oh yeah and be quick on the trigger!

BASE RAIDING - How fun is it to go loot a whole base dry? Well, we have designed our system around Base Raiding and Faction Battles over their bases. Rise to the top and smash your competition by taking all of their stuff!

FACTIONS - To ensure amazing group fights and battles over territory we have a Faction based system. Join a Faction and help them in their ongoing wars or start your own and conquer the World!

LAG FREE - The number one thing that ruins PvP is lag. We HATE Lag. So, with our staff's massive amount of experience we have designed a revolutionary server side system to ensure the best PvP experience possible in Minecraft for all of you!

WARZONES - Want to just log in and get some quick battles? That is exactly why we created our Warzones. Not only are they quick and fun, but they are also meaningful!

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