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Voshtech Gun Game


Welcome to Voshtech : “we don’t craft here, we shoot guns!”
This server runs a PvP “Gun Game” Bukkit plugin with nine guns, multiple power-ups, and two maps! We fight everyday to meet our true goal of providing a high quality gaming experience that no one else can match. Once you join into our world you will be able to walk through doorways that lead to Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and soon, Capture the Flag maps. We are very open to the community and what they have to offer us in terms of suggestions and comments, and best of all: there are no abusive/childish administrators here. We pride ourselves on the community that we’re building and expect to do nothing but advance the server as a whole.

Voshtech has a special set of subroutines in place for hackers once they are detected. Hackers are not immediately banned once they are detected, but we do have a means of ruining their ability to screw with the community. Our goal here is to make hackers into the hunted and once the heuristics we have are perfected, they will fail to grief anyone – it’s only a matter of time; we also frown upon griefers and will take action if it gets out of hand and starts affecting our players. If you hack on our server, you will be banned and you will never come back on that account or any other account that you’re associated with, period. Of course, we allow our players to help us confirm who is cheating by using our “/report” command, but all reports are confirmed through a special set of procedures that we have developed. If you help us, we will help you: finding those who hack is not always easy, but we do reward honest players for their hard work!

Our lead developer is extremely good at what he does and we want to hear from you about what you wish to see in future updates. If you are recognized for coming up with a new idea first, and it ends up being implemented, then you will receive a reward for helping us out. Also, we are looking for skilled map builders to help create new and interesting arenas and game types alongside our development team. Come be a part of the action, and if not, at least try out our server and let us know how we can make it better for you.

Our second most important goal is to avoid the scenario where players become over-powered and unbeatable – so do not worry about such a thing. Currently we do not accept donations, but if the costs of maintaining the server exceed our expectations then players will be given the ability to donate for extra perks. Our team pays for this server completely out-of-pocket and the time they are investing in it has real value. If you like the server, then please VOTE FOR US and let us know how we can all improve!

We hope to see you at Voshtech!

  • The Voshtech Team

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