This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MegaJails -=OP=- Prison


WELCOME TO MEGAJAILS -=OP=- PRISON (Formerly Flaming Prison)



What is an OP prison?

An op prison is where you must rankup out of prison. Ranking up takes hardly earnt money from mining, killing, trading, selling, gambling and dealing.
Why does it have OP in its name?

In normal minecraft prisons you would start with nothing and have to mine wood, then craft a wooden pick, mine stone, make a stone pick, mine iron..... etc. (#BOOOORING)
In an op prison you start off with highly enchanted diamond gear and get upgrades as you progress in the prison. This is much more fun and exciting than a normal prison server.
You start off as an A prisoner. You can rankup to Z. After Z you can break out of prison by completing a very hard pathway to freedom!
If you wish, you can try prestiging after breaking free and try to become a Citizen

PvP is completely optional here at Flaming Prison. Although, pvping at the pvp areas are quite rewarding!

Rules can be found in game with /warp rules or /rules

Helper is the default staff rank and all staff members must start off as a helper. Then they can earn their way up to mod then admin through hard work.

The job of a helper:
Helpers are to aid higher members of staff if needed to. They answer everyone's questions. They may only warn players for things such as constant profanity or spam IF a higher member of staff is offline or AFK

What to warn and punish for:
IF a higher member of staff is AFK or offline, helpers can warn players in chat for the following things:
-Constant profanity
-Minor chat spam
-Disrespect towards staff
-Speaking other languages than English in chat and not in /msg

Helpers can instantly mute without warning for 10 - 50 mins for the following:
-Major chat spam

If anyone gets warned for the second time, they can be muted from 10 - 50 mins
(the helpers choose how long to mute for)

Please note, we have very high expectations from staff here at Flaming prison. We expect all staff to be sensible, mature and responsible with their rank. We expect all staff to be active In game and on the forums. Staff are expected to vote on a high basis.
you can apply for helper at

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