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Sparhawk_EN's castle.
A redstone work in progress.

~~ Dracarys ~~

This server is focused on building amazing builds in survival. Ranks are obtained by ... building !

- Mcmmo 
- Mcjobs 
- LWC 
- Minigames 
- Echopet 
- Brewery... and more! 

Guest is the default rank.
Member is obtained by registering on the website.
Member+ (++ and +++) are obtained by... building! and gives the player the ability to fly, heal.
Builder is the top rank available, above V.I.P. and is obtained by building something breathtaking. You even get worldedit and creative!
V.I.P. (+,++,+++) is obtained by donating $10. Apart from some small benefits, you will get a warm place in everyone's heart for helping to keep the server running!


  1. No griefing.
  2. No hacking.
  3. No excessive spamming / swearing.
  4. No racism.
  5. Keep those sexual comments in private chat!
  6. Don't you bite!
  7. Have fun!

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