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Vanilla Server
Kit PvP
UHC Server
Bungee Cord
Same rules apply on both servers
Welcome to SoMincraftMC Network,
We have multi-Servers this server right here is our Vanilla server! :)
We have special thing's in our Vanilla server to keep it fun but also Vanilla still. Make sure you read the rules on the board near spawn.
Some rules are No pvp, No Griefing, No X-Ray, No Hacking, No Spamming. Now when you start your adventure you will be tp'd 1000,000 blocks away from everyone. So you won't get griefed.
A lot of people starting to like vanilla so we thought one of our servers should be Vanilla. Now we do have couple of plugins but that just to help you guy's out and us. Enjoy the server and join our website, we might need staff just don't ask for it in- game.
We also have a team speak 3 server, so you can talk to all the players.

We also have a KitPvP server :3
Custom Coded Kit Plugin
(More to come)
Plus 3 donator kits

1) No DDOS Threats
2) No Spamming
3) No Hacks/mods that give you an advantage
4) Use Common Sense
5) Do Not Exploit bugs, report them.
6) No Advertising (even in /msg)
7) No Kit Mixing
8) No Asking For Ranks
9) No Bugging Busy Staff
10) Respect all staff and donators
Those are just 10 of our rules :)

Plugins We use:
-CombatLog: To make sure no player can leave when they get hit.

  • RealmsKit: A Kit Plugin Coded By Fhbgsdhkfbl (Maybe posting it on Bukkit)
    -WorldGuard: To Make sure no one can grief our world.
    Come On The Server To Find Some More :)

Come Play This server today!! I'd Highly Appreciate it :)

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