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About The Server:
Athos Roleplay is a Minecraft roleplay server, meaning that players will create characters and play as these characters, immersing themselves in the world around them. The server aims to take a unique approach to the classic Minecraft roleplay server— we're stepping out from the realm of high fantasy by creating our own races, our own cultures, and our own history.

With all this created lore, we want players to discover it and learn about the world around them as they progress. Every single aspect of the server has an explanation behind it. There are many mysteries embedded into the lore that players could stumble across and propose theories about the history and laws of the planet they inhabit, Athos.
We encourage players to both live in and shape the world around them.

The Scenario:
A terrible storm struck the Sapien Navy. The Sapiens were on their way to a new, hostile continent that they know little about. They wished to expand their empire, their glory, everything that is good for them. As they head to this continent, they are led astray from a disastrous storm. They are now on the doorstep of a continent that is a mystery to them. They must struggle to survive for they have nothing. With their ships beached, they see the lack of choice they have.

Reflective, the Metra arrive on this new continent. They’re jovial with excitement. Their plans for research and intellectual studies could finally begin, ‘twas a good thing they survived the storm. The Metra were brought to the new continent by the Sapiens. The Emperor of the Sapiens ordered a group of Metra to get on the ships with the Sapien force so that they may help survey the new land.

The Skraeling hunter spots a flock of birds fleeing from the Southern shores of their homeland. As he goes to investigate, massive ships are skimming up to their beaches. He lies in watch for much of the afternoon, uncertain of the newcomers. He runs off home and heeds the leader of his village.

The Triballi Hinan was unswayed by the day’s events. No Triballi heard word of any foreign people, they went about their daily nomadic activities. The camp packed up early in the morning and began their migration to the next oasis in the desert, occasionally stopping when wildlife was encountered. A young Triballi warrior takes his stone knife and cuts through a cactus, unbothered as he eats it whole. They reach the next oasis in a matter of days and set up their camp for some time to come.

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You can contact any one of our founders, all contact info is posted on the site at
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