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This is a 100% survival server with minimal plugins. The plugins we use are clear lag, world guard, world edit, custom join messages, permissionsex, an anti-cheat plugin, core protect, donateinfo, and essentials. We try to use as minimal plugins as possible so this server is very close to vanilla. Plugins such as factions and spleef are prohibited on our server community. Without bukkit this server would get no donation ranks and lots of people saying no he griefed it. Bukkit also prevents people logging on as other people or log on as your account! When you play the game it will be very close to a vanilla experience. The only non-vanilla thing about it is the optional starter kit you get at the main spawn!

100% Survival
Mature Staff
Donator Ranks
Minimal Plugins
A Vanilla Experience!
Hard difficulty
1.7.4 map for more building space and open world feel
Server runs on Bukkit for maximum performance
NoCheat+ blocks nearly every cheat in the book without interfering with normal gameplay
Configured by a server owner with over 4 years of experience
Almost no commands, just no-strings-attached vanilla SMP
Hosted in Winnipeg, Canada
The Very Simple Rules
No PvP
No Griefing
No Raiding
No Spamming Chat
No Hacking
No cursing directly to other players
Don't deliberately cause lag.
If you see anyone breaking these rules or have any problems or suggestions, don't hesitate to send me a message.

The DFSCV is very appreciated
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Why we use plugins
We use plugins because
Essentials has just about every beginner command for your new server.
The famous permission programs! Made so people can't just blow up your blood + sweat spawn, and not have insanely god commands.
This plugin is your not-so-average Block Inspecting program. You can see who broke and placed the block, and you can rollback :)
An anti cheat plugin
This is for any suspicious hackers that go on your server. Flying, High-Jumping, this sees it all.
Custom Join Messages
Tired of the chat being spammed? Well this baby can customize it! Ex: {PLAYER}, Welcome to Vanucraft!
Donate Info
Well running a minecraft server is not free..
Clear Lag
Server overload 1 mb reached! Just kidding this guy can clean up everything every so often.
World Edit
We need this so we can select regions like the spawn and protect them! Duh! What else!

Current Donation Total: $12

Donation Goals:
[] $30: Get the server dedicated hosting and domain name separate from my other server
[ ] $100: Promote the server on a major server list to gain players
[ ] $150: Add major development enchantments
[ ] $???: Other ideas? Let me know :)
Additional Details
This server is 100% survival with minimal plugins.
Tags: Vanilla

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