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1.7.2 MultiWorld Plotme Creative an


Welcome to! We are a Multiworld Creative Plotme & Survival Faction server with a great server community, a number of excellent builders and PVPers!
If you tire of seemingly unfair server rules and want to see, or be a part of, some cool builds - this is the server for you! Follow the signs at our spawn to claim a plot and have fun in creative or, if you fancy more adventure, go through the portal to the survival world and group up with other players to dominate the map! We have weekly plot contests on the creative world, the winner of which receives the senior builder rank as well as an addition plot. Role play is supported on the server with our roleplay channels on the creative world and through the Social Network Plugin!
When you join please look through the server rules with /rules and /rules 2 - there aren't too many but they are important to the well-being of everyone on the server, so take some time to memorise them.
Join us on our website at and subscribe to this server on Planet Minecraft to get all the latest info on the server!
Our Teamspeak server at and is open to everyone!

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