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Medievalcraft is a Role Play survival server set in medieval times with some great plugins to enhance gameplay and make the RPG as good as possible. We are constantly reviewing and adding plugins that suit the style of game play we are looking to achieve, check out the Forum for more on what plugins we are using and by all means lets us know your suggestions.

Anew map has been developed using World Painter for Land of Valewin and will be uploaded 18th Oct 15

The Land of Valewin was once a Mighty Empire stretching from the temperate seas in the south to the cold harsh land beyond the mountains in the North, after many years of constant wars between Regions that were once united, the constant battles finally split the Empire in to four Kingdoms.

Northgate, a cold unforgiving yet resource rich land, Easthelm at the foot of the mountains that reach into the south, Westbrook, a land of rolling hills and fertile soil and Southshore the gateway to the southern Empires and a rich spice route. There are currently two Cities ready to join and another two are being developed in these lands, will they join again in an alliance or will the battles continue, only the people that live here can decide.

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