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Funcbox Survival Server


Welcome to the Funcbox Games Minecraft Survival Server!
"The only true economy vanilla survival server."

Inspired by SCMowns' old survival server back in late 2011, I have finally decided to create my own take on a public SMP economy based server. It has many features, like getting paid for killing enemies with multipliers for getting critical hits, a global shop at spawn to sell items, a gambling system to spend all your money attempting to get better items, and the ability to claim your land and trust your friends in it.

Why Play?
This is a very small SMP server that is 24/7 online, it's has great response times in the US and many features popular among survival servers. But today, this just isn't enough. Trystonperry11(me) and my friend Just_Zack are currently developing plugins just for this server, to add things we believe to be fun and fresh, to either make survival harder, or add more ways to spend or make money. We also are willing to take in feedback from players, based on what features they want and don't want. We are open to the public. So, if you are willing to bare through this slow growth process, we have large plans for the future, and have already accomplished so much.

If you clicked on this spoiler to read, I am truly grateful. I have been playing minecraft since august of 2011 in beta 1.7.3. I remember those days so clearly. And when i created my first world, explored the terrain, made a railroad that went all around the cliffs by my house, I knew. At that moment, that I wanted to make a server for friends, and players to join me, to make a city, an RP city in survival. From then on, I tried many times in creating a public server, which of course, failed many times. But after 5 years, I am prepared, I know java, networking, advertising, photoshop, sony vegas, web design, and dns. I know this server, with you, the player's help, can and will be successful. Thank you :)

Our store has two main things to buy from it, either VIP which gives you access to more in-game cosmetic features, or a free diamond sword, one time use. Prices are low, so anyone can afford them.

Please don't donate if you can't afford it. Donate responsibly.

On the packages section, you can select to add the VIP Package to your cart for only $2.49 one time purchase, and gain acces to many extra cosmetic things, like:
Join the server even when it's full
Claim up to 10,000 blocks with Grief Prevention
Use the /CraftHeads command to get custom player heads
Use color codes when renaming items in anvils and in signs
Use the /Hat command when holding an item in your hand to put it on your head as a hat

We currently only accept Paypal as a method.


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