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Zooke Pixelmon Server w/Custom NPC's + More Mods




Server Address :

Contact Us: - Email -
Skype - mikekemp6 , or simply join the server.

The Zooke Network server is mainly based on our website, this website is basically a network for YouTube Content Creators around the world. We have decided to expand our ever growing community with a fully featured minecraft server to give all users not only within the community but within all other communities as well.

This server gives you, and your friends the opportunity to have fun with minimal to very few of limitations within the server. We are a very lenient bunch and simply have "One" main outstanding rule, and that is "Do not annoy the owner" (Me), this can be obtained through little to no way possible as I am a very calm and friendly owner and struggle to find a reason to ban. One way to annoy me is to Grief the server, this can cause a lot of annoyance so please refrain from doing it, Another way is to act immature and talk about disgusting and rude things. Please don't do this as it will result in a ban very quickly

[Trainer] - This is the default rank on the server, you will receive very little permissions with this rank, here are a list of the current commands available. - /afk, /back, /balance. /baltop, /delhome, /home, /sethome, /helpop, /ignore, /kit (trainer kit only) , /me, /msg, /pay, /rules, /spawn, /tpa, /tpdeny, /tpaccept, /warp (cerulean, pokemart, rules, shop, watergym) More to be added, just type /warps in the server to find the available ones, With this group you will start of with only 300 Claiming blocks (Golden Shovel) And have minimum access to areas around the world.
[Partner] - This group is obtained through becoming a YouTube partner with zookenetwork, if you haven't got a YouTube account then i'm afraid this group isnt for you. The partner group has all the same permissions as the Trainer group with along of the following - Access to the /warp safarizone, the safari zone is a VIP area for only users who have either Donated, Became a moderator through hard work and determination or either became a partner. You also have access to the VIP Donator Kit, with this you can use /kit VIP every 48 hours to receive the following: 1 Masterball, 3 Rare Candies, 10 Ultra Balls, 5 Full Restores, 3 Max Revives, 15 Diamonds and 3 Full Heals.
[VIP] -This group has all of the above as well as these permissions, Access to your own personal enderchest - /enderchest, set your character to fly mode - /fly, Ability to heal your character - /heal, Ability to set Unlimited Homes, Ability to use /speed, Ability to heal your pokes /pokeheal. All of this can be purchased within the store at
[Moderator] - Pretty much says it all, I will not list the commands available but this is obtained through gaining my trust, helping me through certain operations and just showing me respect, and ofcourse others respect.
[Admin] - Again this is obtained through a longer period of time, asking for this rank will only prolong your chances.
[Owner] - Me, My IGN is xRaW, Or Simply MICHAEL on the server.


You have the ability to vote on the server to gain free items, simply type /vote to gain a list of websites to vote on, each vote (daily) will receive you 3diamonds and 2 rare candies.

Feel free to join the server whenever you like to check out the additional rules, warps and other information.



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