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CubeCraft Towny is a survival / towny server with a PvP aspect to it. As of now we're a small server, but looking to expand our player base. We're looking for a mature community here, at CubeCraft. The server is Survival with the Towny plugin. You can create towns. You can enemy and ally other towns, and if you become allies with other towns, you can even create nations. Some plugins we use on this server are Lockette, Towny, ChestShop. McMMO. We added McMMO because it truly is a great skill plugin. The more you do a certain activity the higher number you get in a certain skill. For example, if you use bows a lot you would get a high archery skill eventually.
As of now, we're not looking for staff, so please don't ask. All ranks are earned, not asked for on this server. There is no staff applications.
Some basic server rules here are:

  • No excessive spamming, cursing, or capslock
  • Do not in any way whine, complian, or disturb chat.
  • The use of a hacked client, hacks, xRay, using exploits, or cheat in any form will result in a perm ban.
  • While we are trying to keep this a mature community, keep it PG, people.
  • No inappropriate or sexually explicit talk in chat
  • This is CubeCraft, not an online Dating Website. Keep personal issues and relationships out of this server.
  • Be ethical and use common sense!

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