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RaidMayhem | Factions | Raid | PvP | 24/7



RaidMayhem is a faction pvp based server, the raidmayhem team have come together to create an amazing pvp experience you will never forget.

In the server there is amazing builds to make your pvp life time as fun as ever with hidden underground rooms, tall towers, wrecked bridges and be high up in the tree tops. If you want to make a base before you fight and want to travel far away from spawn check out are biome warps, each main biome you can warp too. We also have a massive shop with all the blocks and items you need to survive and fight other players or mobs.

You a great pvp player and want to show of your amazing wins, every time you kill a player they drop there head build up your head wall in you base and show your friends or even your enemy's by wearing the head. We also have an amazing stats system to shoe the top 5 Players on the server and also shows your money, kills, deaths and how many people are online.


  • Factions
  • Raiding
  • PvP
  • Economy
  • Survival
  • Player Heads
  • Stats

    Love the server so much or want to be better then everyone else why don't you donate for amazing and unique commands, perks and armour the higher to donate the more un beatable you have become.


  • VIP - £5.00
  • Warrior - £10.00
  • Elite - £25.00
  • Raider - Coming Soon

    Visit: for latest new and voting for donating and checking out the ranks and want you get. * *****
    Join Now and have the best experience you will ever have.


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