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Made for the hardcore players ready to face the tough Minecraft wilderness and rise to power!

A hard core survival PVP factions server where you can:

  • Create your own kingdom and rise to power
  • Join others kingdoms and help build up the city and kingdom power!
  • KE is also a Role Play server, although you are not forced to partake in RP it is encouraged!
  • The server is also full of unique custom coded plugins found nowhere else!
  • Fight the Ender Dragon with friends and other kingdoms!
  • Premium: Keep armor on death, can carry a double chest around with them as a backpack, can use cannons, keep exp on death, custom crafting, and more!
  • When you kill a player you keep their head!
  • Raiding, PvP, Roleplay, City building, and politics are all encouraged! This server is for any kind of survival game play!
  • And has an extra hard realistic aspect to it.
  • Banned players are sent to the nether! Making it extra dangerous.
  • There is little to no staff involvement and very few rules such as no hacking/exploiting/
  • Hero chat is on the server, to make sure that the chat is easy to read and doesn't get spammed! So you won't have to worry about a ton of crazy text when you first join!
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Along with Kingdoms And Empires, there is also:
DreamCraft (DC) a Creative server!

Made for all the players who love creative or as a place to plan out kingdom builds! This is a separate server from KE but is on a hub system and can be reached with the command /dc.

A Creative anti-grief server where you can:

  • Get up to 10 HUGE plots to build on!
  • Have a collection of Pets, including withers, creepers, pig men, and more!
  • Build right when you join! No sign up!
  • Plot protection and Anti-Grief protection! You are in control of who builds on your plot and who doesn't!
  • Premium /nick, name colors, world edit and more!
  • Join at

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