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Welcome to PixelCraft! ~A Pixelmon Server That Thrives From It's Community With It's Lag-Free and Anti-Grief Server~
Before you get started, note that this server is way different from others. This is a survival server that also offers mini games and lots more unlike other Pixelmon servers. We work together as a community to build and have fun. Our lag free servers provide the highest FPS on any Minecraft server. We pay monthly from our hosts to keep this server up, meaning we can expand our servers as well. We are a Pixelmon server and we will slowly expand as more and more donations are used to creating a better server for you. Make sure to read the rules at spawn. Otherwise have fun!

With the start of your journey as a Pokemon trainer, you're destined to become the greatest and strongest person of all. You have multiple paths on this server to fulfill your desires of what you want to become. You make your way up the tree by battling against other strong players, mining to earn money and survive, and especially to have fun. There are tons of things to do on this server! Mine, battle, talk with your friends, explore, survive, etc!

Battling: Start with a starter pokemon of your wish. Slowly start to battle others and increase your Pokemon's level. Mine for resources to earn money and start a living by using up resources to create a house on the server and exploring places and finding legendaries. Have that Charizard you worked hard from to defeat the gym leaders of PixelCraft. When you have done that you make your way onto the Elite 4 and soon enough, the champion. Battling on this server is incredible with rich and crisp graphics along with a smooth experience of 24/7 runtime.

Socializing: We have the friendliest and most truthful staffs of all servers. Mods, Owners, Admins, and Helpers all greet you to your arrival on the server. We help one another out to make sure we follow the rules and especially have fun. People start to make friends and even hang out!

We also have mini games on our server! Feeling bored on our server or want both Pixelmon and mini-games? You chose the right server, because we are building mini-games! There is now bow-spleef, spleef, splegg. sandfalls, tntrun, and paintball! So come to our servers to enjoy mini games with your friends! But wait, there is a ton more to come!

This server is lag-free and anti-griefed thanks to our host and our low ram usage plug-ins that we installed. Our hosts are using the latest and greatest, Intel Xeon E5's (way to powerful for lag) along with DDR3 memory, and SSD's (very fast download and upload speeds along with unlimited bandwidth and storage.) This server is also has no whitelist and is fully public! We have a donors group! Go check out the site at ! Give us a try, you won't regret you decision.


~You will need Forge for 1.6.4 and Pixelmon 3.0.4~

Warning: You may crash when joining, just log in and try again and it will work the second time

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