This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Nekrage's DayZ-Style Survival Server


You spawn randomly in the world, far away from others. Gather your gear, build your defenses, survive the nights, build your alliances, slay all who oppose!
-Random spawn
-Players turn to zombies on death, kill their zombie to claim their loot…but hurry! The loot won’t last forever and the zombie wanders until death!
-Behead enemy players and NPC mobs, decorate your base with the trophies of your fallen foes!
-A PvP Arena that contains a chest that holds incredible loot! The chest respawns every 2 hours. Fight to the death for an awesome box of goodies!
-Three different types of leveling: Level your regular MC levels for enchanting and repairing, RPG leveling to gain additional health bars after killing certain amounts of enemies, and level your chat name level by PVP so the server can see how much destruction you’ve caused!
-Other: Respawning Ender Dragon, Pet protection from player griefing, Tree chopping mod to save time
-Anti Xray, cheat detection

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