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Hello Minecrafters! We are a new PvP server with an emphasis on PvP and raiding. There are protected bases through the greif prevention plugin that will allow you to protect your home. This does come with a price though.... there must be an entrance to your base at all times. This being said you can make locksmazes whatever other kind of defenses you want in order to stop people from raiding you! This will provide you with the great experience of base building and defense building! We also have a custom plugin that allows for custom enchantments! There are about 30 new enchants added to the game that will allow for some great times in PvPing! We have also added the Silk Spawners plugin that will allow you to make a great grinder to get those new enchantments! You can have up to 5 spawners within your base, so that will be an EXP heaven! We have a dedicated server staff who will be on at all times to answer your questions and help you get started. This all being said, come PvP with us! Ill see you on the battle field.

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