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Welcome to JukeBox PVP!

Here at JukeBoxPVP We have the best staff and one of the best communities you can find on any server.
My staff team is made up of:

Owner: Crura
Co-Owner: Simply Aesthetics
Dev: Sandsfire

We are one of the nicest people and do not be afraid to ask a question!

Some of the fun things that we have on this server are:
-InGame Ranks!
-Iron Elevators
-Mob Arena

Iron Elevators makes it so that if you put an iron block right above another one and hit space it will tp you instantly up to the next one.

Chess allows you to play some chess!

Time is Money Rewards players who play longer on the server to make more money. For every minute you are on the server you make 5$!

Mob Arena is one of our favorites on the server and it allows you to fight mobs in an arena until you die and you get great rewards and Mcmmo Stats!

I hope you drop by and play on JukeBoxPVP!

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