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Kawaii Quest


Kawaii Quest

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---General Info---
Kawaii Quest is a new Factions server that is aimed to give the best factions experience.
All the plugins in Kawaii Quest are tailored to better your factions experience.
Fight, Build, Claim, Explore and do much more in our server.
With Craft Book explore the possibility of creating Bridges, Huge Gates, and more!

---How the Server was Developed---
The server was developed by player Fastgamer602. The plugins were all selected by careful examination to determine their effectiveness and their lag effect on the server. Then the plugins that were picked were all carefully configured to make sure that each plugin was used effectively.

---How Our Staff are selected---
Our staff is processed thoroughly to ensure that they will give attention to every player.
We make sure that our staff are able to communicate with us as soon as possible.
We make sure that the staff are there to help anybody in need.

---How to Apply For Staff---
To apply to staff, you must have Skype. If you have Skype go on the fourms, make an account and submit your application.

---Original Staff---
Owner: Kawaiiquake
Co-Owner and Developer: Fastgamer602

---Comming soon---

  • Donator Ranks
  • Kawaii Pets for Donators
  • Server Hub
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Sky Block
  • Minigames (Depends on how many players play on the server)
  • GTA (Depends on how many players play on the server)

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