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Drugs, Factions, McMMO etc. Come play!


This server is based on PVP, factions, and "drugs" We are a 24/7 server, on a dedicated and reliable host. Our motto is to provide a great place for minecrafters* to play and chill out. We improve our server each and very day to keep it up to date with the best. We have experience with minecraft hosting considering this server is one of many.

Our main plugins are Factions, RankMeUp, DrugMeUP, McMMO and a Gambling Plugin. This next section is about commands and how to play on our server.

The main objective of playing is to build a large faction, grow drugs and level up to the highest level and have fun.

Factions- Factions are a plugin that allows people to claim land for their clan and build inside that faction which guarantees you wont get griefed unless you are killed which allows your power to go down in return making your terratory smaller and smaller. The more power your faction has, the more land you can claim for one another. This is helpful when allying with other factions so that you can take down others.

RankMeUp- Type /RankMeUp to escalate to a higher rank which costs you money but the higher the rank you are, the better reputation you have for your faction and in general. Each rank costs more and more. You start off as a newbie and work your way up to Supreme that costs $250,000. Can you do it??

DrugMeUP- Crouch and right click one of our four drugs while holding it and feel the drug effects. This plugin is wild because when you grow your drugs, you may not want to sell them instead you want to take them.

McMMO- This plugin is for people who like to role play and level their skills up. For instance, if I was mining, I would increase my skill I would type /mining to see how much XP left. And then I could right click and have a power up that allows you to mine a lot faster, it only lasts for a few seconds. There are 10+ skills that are in McMMO, and the max level is 250.

Gambling Plugin- Ever wanted to gamble your money and win big? We have a great plugin that allows you to go to our casino and play the slots or blackjack. The best you can win is 100x your bet, Even if you don't get lucky, its really fun to do.

-Donating on our site will get you special ranks and in-game items as well!

Come join us today!

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