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HopeCraft - 24/7 - 20 Slots - 80 Plugins - 12 Worl


?????? HOPECRAFT 1.5.2 ??????

? The Minecraft server you've always been looking for!

Hopecraft has everything you've always wanted: enjoy a large variety of plugins, activities and games!

Why to choose this server? Well, there is plenty of reasons!

This is the short list of everything we have: Survival World with factions / Peaceful Build World / SkyBlock / Hunger Games / Capture the Flag / Mob Arena / PvP Custom Arenas / Spleef / Paintball

? The server runs 24/7 and has 200 slots, this means you can play whenever you want!

? NEW: we now have 4 worlds!

-The RPG world: something you've NEVER seen before! Custom items and mobs + epic quests!

-The Factions world: wars and survival with factions! PvP and grief allowed! CUSTOM BIOMES!

-The Games world: tons of fun games like Spleef, Survival Games, PvP arenas, Paintball and more.

-The Build world: build whatever you want in this peaceful world, free of mobs, where PvP is disabled.


? Our staff REALLY cares about you: Admins and Moderators are wisely chosen by the Owner himself.

? We have plenty of great plugins that allow all our players to have FUN, for example: Factions, Residence, iConomy, Citizens and MORE!

? We grant you access to an incredible variety of games within our server! The most famous ones are:

? PVP (Team Death Match or Free For All)








? We also have an amazing Website that lets you stay up to date with the server and enjoy many features :

? And a great YouTube Channel where you'll find fun videos about HopeCraft, tutorials, Minecraft Premium accounts giveaway and more:

? Greif and hack are strictly prohibited to let everyone enjoy to best gameplay quality they've ever known. The staff and anti-cheat plugins are here to protect you.

? If you are ever griefed within our server, our staff will be glad to rollback/undo for free whatever damage the griefer may have caused.

? Bored of playing survival? Well, HopeCraft also lets you have fun in creative mode! You just need to buy a rank on our website to be given plenty of permissions that will grant you access to an unbelievable variety of gameplays! Moreover we are not making any profit: all the money will be used to host the server 24/7.

? HopeCraft Server is always up to date with the latest version of Minecraft in order to let you enjoy each update in multiplayer. (Version 1.5.2 right now)

?STILL NOT CONVINCED?? Watch this video made by the Owner himself, showing all the qualities of HopeCraft Server!


? Live a thrilling experience, join HopeCraft Server now!

? IP: or


We hope to see you soon joining our outstanding community!

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