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Lewna's World


Lewna's World is an Australian server with multiple worlds, each catering to different play styles!

We don't require white listing, but for security we work on a ranking system, guests may free build in Tempworld until promoted by building something in our promotion world and posting it on our forums.

All info you need is on the blog, including how to get promoted, ranks, commands, item codes, maps, worlds, forums and rules.


  • 9 huge worlds with 7 different styles on one server
  • Spleef Arena
  • Mob Arena
  • Murder in the Dark (PvP in the Dark)
  • Spawn test (to help filter out noobs)
  • Grief protection
  • No whitelisting required
  • Obtainable promotions including mod rank
  • Warps to our greatest creations
  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week on proper grownup dedicated hosting (not some guy's ADSL)
  • No nagging for donations (always welcome however)
  • Aussie owned, operated and hosted

Lewna’s World is for mature players only, at the digression of the staff.

Lewna's World Blog

Lewna's World Forum

Lewna's World Maps

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