This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pro Siege [Factions] [Raid] [PVP] [mcMMO] [24/7] *


Coming Soon:

  • Jailbreak event
  • Donator Ranks

Pro Siege is a Factions PVP server aimed to getting a small community of regulars who will have an enjoyable experience on the server. The owner has created the Permissions groups so that even staff have no unfair advantages and they can play as normal players just dealing with problems as they occur. Donations do not create OP players but will enhance the persons gameplay as they are supporting the server.


  1. AutoRank
  2. ChestShop
  3. Citizens
  4. ClearLag
  5. CombatLog
  6. Kits
  7. ecoCreature
  8. EnderPearlCooldown
  9. Essentials
  10. Factions
  11. HealthBar
  12. mcMMO
  13. NoSwear
  14. ObsidianDestroyer
  15. WorldBorder


  1. No excessive cussing
  2. No hacked clients
  3. No provoking other players
  4. No racism
  5. Listen to the staff
  6. No asking for OP gm staff etc.
  7. Don't harass other players
  8. No alts
  9. Don't advertise
  10. Staff will handle problems at their own discretion

This is the rank that you start as and has basic factions, essentials etc. permissions (it has all the perms you'll need to get started.

This is obtained by playing on the server for 1 hours. You get rewards for killing mobs, mail, message and tp ask, can mine spawners and can set 3 homes.

Constant is awarded after a 2 days worth of playing as you are a constant person on the server you have me, shout and set 4 homes.

You are awarded the trusted rank when you have been on the server for 2 weeks. You will get the status of the rank. You will also get suicide and set 5 homes.

The staff just have the basic perms plus trusted and management commands, they don't have give or fly and will play like normal players.

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