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Bunes Factions


Bunes Factions is a new Factions server designed for a large community. We are working constantly to improve the players experiences in our server, and care most about user interactions. We accept suggestions on ways to improve the server from all players. Some fun things about our server, we try to capture the ideal factions server.

-Auctions Sell items at any price you desire.

-McMMO Rank up as you do certain activities in the server, overall making an easier time as you play.

-CratesPlus Use keys to get special items from chests.

-ClearLagg Keeps the server automatically clean.

-SilkSpawners Mine mobspawners with silk touch pickaxes to sell or use for your own benefit.

-OldCombatMechanics Uses pre-1.9 pvp style for more interesting combat

-CookieMonster Get paid for killing monsters.

-Wild Use /wild to be teleported to a random location.

Have a good time!

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