This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.1.10] Random-Craft Tekkit


Requires Tekkit 1.1.10


The random-craft comminity started nearly 3 years ago. Since then, our servers have risen and fallen. Nearly 8 months ago we had a classic tekkit server that fell. Today, I am trying again. This time, I am creating a fully customized tekkit server.
When creating this server, I thought wether or not I should include factions, because some people like it, and others don't. After a while, I decided to go with both factions and a griefprotection. I limited fractions to one world* and limited grief protecting to another**.


Server Specs:

Currently the server is hosted on my home pc, but don't worry, I think it should handle the first few weeks just fine. My pc runs on 16GB of ram and will be giving the server max 5GB to run. I leave my pc on 24/7 so theres no need to worry about downtime. And your connection should be fine, taking note of my 20MBps/Upload internet speed. I will get a pro host after the first donation goal has been met. View it on

  • Virtually lag free
  • 30+ Plugins
  • Auto-Rank ups
  • 42 Slots total
  • Nearly 98%+ uptime(unmonitored, cause its a new server)


  • 32 Slots, 10 reserved for donators(42 total)
  • Essentials, PVP World(Factions) and a NON-PVP World(Grief Protection), Economy, LWC, mcMMO
  • Chest Shop With items from most mods!
  • No banned mods or items!(See Below)*
  • Plot worlds, No-Factions world, Factions world, and a resource world!
  • Eco awards for killing things!
  • RandomSpawn

*Some may be restricted to donator ranks only
Mods Banned: none
Items Banned:

  • All Turtles : Go through protections
    Restricted Items:
  • Dim Anchors : Only Donor+ and up can have/make these.
  • Crystal Chest : Donor and up only
    Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban.

    Donor Features:

  • Reserved Slot
  • /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /tpahere, /back
  • Set 3 homes
  • Colors in chat
  • Tekkit Kits(essential tekkit items such as silver and redstone¬≠)
  • Colored Nametag
  • KeepXP on death
  • And many more!

    ALL Plugins:

  • AcceptRules
  • AutoMessage
  • AutoRank - Rank up and gain some perks
  • boosCoolDowns
  • ClearLag - Helps keep the server lag down
  • Enijn Plugin
  • Essentials Stuff
  • FactionsChat
  • Factions - Factions for world Alpha
  • GreifPreventation - Protection for world Beta
  • ItemRestrict - Banning of items
  • McMMO
  • MoneyDrop - Get money for killing mobs
  • Multiverse/Core/Inv/Portals
  • MyCommand
  • NameTags
  • PlotMe
  • Random-Spawn
  • SignShop - Create simple chest shops
  • SimpleReserve - Reserve slots for donors
  • TagAPI
  • VanishNoPacket
  • Vault
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard - Protection
  • DeathChest - Available to all people because ClearLag clears inventory. Chest will be placed where you die with your stuff-if you have a chest in your inventory.


1.No Advertising
2.No Spamming
3.No Harassment/Bullying
5.No Excessive Profanity
6.No Asking for OP/Mod/Admin
7.No arguing with Staff
8.Respect Staff
9.No Lag Machines!
10.Keep worlds clean.

Random-craft's website is located at

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you online!

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