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Current Spawn
Sign above portals
Giant tree survival spawn
Survival Shops
Squirel2wiseguys house

Welcome to ArchCraft!
We host creative, survival, and minigames so you and friends can join and play. We even offer things vanilla cannot such as setting homes, helping retrieve lost stuff, anti grief and rollback, factions land protection, and even protection from Creeper explosions!

We are currently asking for anyone interested in making HungerGames maps, spleef arenas, Temple Run courses, and parkour courses to join and show us what you got!
The Worlds:
Freeland is our creative world. An infinite flatland with 41 blocks depth! Builds can be protected by staff upon request. Join others and build a city or work alone and create a masterpiece. Up to you!

Survival is our old survival world. Current players who have started in survival may start to move to the new world or continue to play in the old world until it closes. This world was generated in 1.6.4 and does not have the new features. To access this world go to "Portals" and then the right side hallways labeled "survival" and finally the portal named "To the Old Survival"

Factions is our new survival world. This world was generated in 1.7.2 and spawn is set next to one of the new biomes. The world is also now set as the default and can be accessed from the spawn portal "Survival". Both survival worlds have creeper explosions disabled, /home, /tpa, Lockette, and other various additions to assist the player! We also have factions, McMMO, and Health bars to enhance the experience!

The MiniGames:
HungerGames, also known as Survival Games, is a PVP game in which every player is against each other and you need to go around collecting chests for weapons! In our HungerGames you are allowed to interact with the environment and even craft in a crafting table! Do anything you can to survive the longest!

Spleef is a PVP game in which everyone spawns in an arena and you must run around the break the blocks under other players. Last man standing wins! We have multiple arenas, including our Divergent Faction based arenas.

Parkour is a solo game where you must start at one end and reach the other jumping, climbing, and doing other difficult tasks on a course. Good luck!

Insanity Run, a version of Temple Run(r), is a mini game in which you run down a course TRYING to make it to the end, however every block does something different to you! There are gaps and affects and obstacles that you have to make it through to get to the end! Good luck!

McMMO, WorldEdit, MultiVerse, HealthBar, WorldGuard, Parkour, CoreProtect, Lockette, MyHungerGames, SuperSpleef, ChatAt, Essentials, Factions, ShowCaseStandalone, NoCheatPlus, InsanityRun, blFriends, Instabottle.
And other various plugins adding functionality to the server. (39 Total)
We hope you have a great day at ArchCraft!

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