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Server Overview

We welcome everyone to join the server and have a great time we would like to establish a great and friendly community of Minecraft lovers. The server should be 24/7 available to the public and if not it was a planned down time. What does this server offer? This server offers 3 main functions the Old Days Survival world which is a fully functional survival world. We also offer a fully functional building world Old Days where you build in survival mode. Lastly we offer a alpha version of a RPG style world which we call Mysts of Margon. We also offer a wide range of mini games. In the next sections I will go over each world in more detail.

Old Days Survival

Old Days Survival offers a complete survival system with working and balanced mechanics. Plugins wise we offer Factions, mcMMO, Citizens, Essentials, Dynmap and some more. When you first spawn and complete the tutorial you will then spawn as a Member which is our default rank together with the kit new. The kit new includes a full set of Assassins leather armor and some basic tools together with food and a Horse egg to give you a good starting opportunity. You then want to check Dynmap to give you a better view of the spawn http:/ it will also show you the exits. The next higher rank you can obtain is the Knight rank. You will need to visit the Knight guild and you will require 3 diamond blocks in order to purchase the rank. The Knight rank grants you 2 homes and access to unlock the Duke rank. The Duke rank is the second highest rank. You will need to visit to castle where the Duke is sitting on the throne. You will also need 10 diamond blocks to obtain the rank. The Duke rank grants you 3 homes and access to the immortal rank. The Immortal rank is the highest rank which you can obtain. Just find the Immortal NPC and bring 25 diamond blocks with you. The Immortal rank grants you 4 homes. Consider each of these ranks also gives you access to a unique /kit command.

Old Days

Old Days is the building world where you leave the spawn and make your awesome buildings. You start off as a Builder which is the default rank for this world but you do have access to 3 homes already. Your best friend is the /warp shop where you can get all the items like you would get in creative mode. But now you are asking yourself why not give me creative mode isn't that way easier. No, I think since the server is called Old Days I thought I bring back the joy of minecraft survival building. Consider this you are invincible to all damage on the Old Days world only in Arenas and in Minigames. Believe me this mechanic of building is a lot of fun. You can get the next highest rank by letting the Owner rate your buildings and than he decides if you get next rank. So, the next highest rank after Builder is Constructor and you have access to 4 homes now. The next rank is the Architect rank and you will have 5 homes. The next highest rank is the CityPlanner rank which has access to 6 homes and very cool, You can set Dynmap markers with signs. Also on the Old Days world we have countless mini games like Paintball, HungerGames, Walls, Spleef, PropHunt and Parkour. Note this world is fully rendered on Dynmap.

Myths of Margon

Myths of Margon is the RPG wold. Currently in alpha state. You can have a look at the map either on Dynmap or on the Map section on this website. We currently offer 8 ranks on the Myths of Margon world. Ork, Human, Eldar, Taurus, Undead, Skeleton, Skink and Elf. All the races have all the same classes and abilities so you candecide what kind of playstyle you like. Each race has a different spawn point and different color font. All the NPCs which are in the same race don't attack you and leave you alone you also can't attack them. But if you go to a other city the guards will attack you. All the NPCs will drop their full armor set and weapon if you kill them. There will be quests for you to take nice events and boss battles and epic raids with your friends but you can also not to choose any of this and just wander around and enjoy the wonderful land of Margon.

Have a Great Time Everyone!

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