This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Intro and shoutout.

Welcome to's page. Currently we're a small community that survived the death of and ended up forming a new server to keep the spirit alive. So for those ex-shadowblox members still floating around I urge you to check us out. We're still the friendly community you used to be apart of.

For those of you reading this that weren't apart of our awesome community I would recommend you still check us out and see what our server has to offer. You will be greeted by friendly and courteous players and also aided by specifically selected server moderators and administrators if you're facing any difficulty, we are always happy to help.

We also have a small group of Plugin Developers and non other than the creator of CommandSpy himself. It is quite an honour to have these guys spending their time enhancing the server to perform 100%

Server info.

Creative world(s) consists of 128 by 128 plot world, a flatlands area, and a freebuild world to allow players to express their creative talents.

Survival world is a non-pvp, friendly community set up allowing you to explore the world, mine for diamonds, defend yourself against menacing creepers and generally live a Minecraft life.

Battle world. is an addition thanks to Plugin Developer VonPumpkinFace which allows you to fight against other players. Choose from 8 different battle classes and clash against your adversaries in a multitude of different battle zones and become the king - the ultimate battle rank.

We also have another two Worlds in concept mode right now but we're stuck as to what we should now have added to our server. Perhaps we could leave it up to you guys - yes, you guys - to tell us what sort of game setup we should have for these two worlds.


To rank up, you must vote on a daily basis. These are the ranks you can get from them.

Guest - Settler - Citizen - Veteran - Apprentice - Architect.

Guest and Settler are our basic ranks and are easy to vote up and surpass.
Citizen rank allows you access to build in flatlands and freebuild.
Veteran Rank allows you access to place water and lava
Architect allows the use of tp instead of tpa
Donation Ranking.
We also have a list of donation ranks you can choose from if you feel the server is right for you to visit time and time again.

Baron - Lord - Emperor

We have many additional permissions added to these ranks each of which get better and better. For example; Lord having access to WorldEdit and Emperor having the use of Voxel Sniper.

Welcome and support.

I keep talking about this topic but I cannot express to you how much of a friendly community we are and I'm sure you will settle in with gusto. Our Moderators and Administrators are always on hand to help out with anything you require. We also use a Modreq system to allow new players to request our aid; from placing water and lava to huge worldedit we're here to help in anyway possible and to make your time with us enjoyable as possible.


ShadowNova also hosts it's own TeamSpeak server which you can connect via: Come along and have a chat with us, we don't bite! If you have never used Teamspeak before please go to to read a very good description on how you can take part of our fantastic teamspeak!


We currently run two websites the first one you can connect via; and the second one via. Both of these websites are fully accessible and again are a great way to keep up to date with what's going on in the server.

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